Smudging is the use of white sage to remove negative energy from your home, sacred space and your self.  Using a smudging tool is part
of many Native American traditions. The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is also common practice
among many religious, healing, and spiritual groups.

When should I smudge my home or even my self?

Before meditation
Before doing any intuitive or healing work and even afterwards.
If there has been fighting or arguing in the home or your sacred space.
You have been around negative places or people
If you are having night frights/nightmares.
Feeling uneasy in the home.
If you have been sick or others in the home are or have been sick or over emotional.
Someone came into the home that was carrying a lot of negative energy.

What do you need to get started?

When doing your home:

Keep a door or window open during the time and about an hour after for negative energy to leave.
Any one that is sick, very elderly or weak, small children should not be in the home when this is done.

You will need for doing your self or your space:

White Sage - loose or in a bundle
A white candle
A feather (optional but very useful)
Sage container if using loose sage - abalone shell, ashtray with sand in the bottom so it does not burn or crack.
Incense charcoal - designed to use for Incense.
Use only wooden matches to light.

You can also add to the sage if using loose:  

Sweet Grass
Loose tobacco
Dragons blood resin
Copal resin
Frankincense resin
Myrrh resin
Cedar tips

---- just to name a few.  If you do not have the above white sage is fine alone to use.

Things to make sure that you smudge in the home and space:

Every opening including the following:  doors, closets, windows, holes in walls; nail holes etc, electrical and all outlets, plumbing and ac
pipes and openings, mirrors, telephones, tvs, computers, all electronics, radios, crystals, jewelry, animals - if they let you, and pictures.  
Also allow your higher self to show you what else may need to be smudged.

How it works?

Most important is your pure intent that what makes it work.  Negative energies and entities do not like sage.  When you command it to
leave it will.  Negative / undesirable entities do not like the sage and will not stick around.

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Sage Bundles / Smudge Sticks
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Learn how to smudge yourself

Learn how to smudge your