When Saturn goes into retrograde mode it is time to reexamine all the things in our lives.  It is most important that when
we examine our lives, we attempt  to improve them.  

Saturn also represents limitations.   It is a time for us to restructure.  Saturn deals with programs, organizations and all
things that deal with better systems and processes.  It is about duty, loyalty, perseverance, endurance, form, shape,
substance, boundaries and  responsibility. It is about being  held accountable to others  as well as to yourself.  It is about
building an empire;  creating a solid foundation from which to grow from or toward. Without a solid foundation, we
become unstable and cannot fulfill our soul's instruction for this lifetime. We could  wander without direction, cause,
goals or vision; much less have a dream to hold or work toward.

Saturn retrograde period will assist you in completing anything that is left undone, unattended to, partially completed or
not completed at all.  It does not pressure you to do these things, but gives you time to do them.

The important events or things that Saturn in retrograde brings to us include a need to become more aware of our own
authority, power and place in this world.  It makes us winder where we fit into society.  Do you allow society to over power
and limit you?

Saturn retrograde  assists with pushing you beyond your limitations by showing you that you are capable of doing far
more than you thought you could.   It also can take those blind folds off that you keep on your eyes.  Saturn gives  you  the
ability to see more deeply into people, situations and things around you.  It brings  more wisdom to you;  but remember
that this wisdom is usually gained from hard work and hands on experiences.  

Saturn gives us strength during this time period.  It is a tough process and not an easy one. The  reward to all those that
toughed it out during this time will be well worth it.    One of the biggest rewards is grace.  When you have received it, you
know that you have done well.  It can also be defined as  strength in spirit,  you may have a deeper sense of compassion
for others and self,  and an understanding of yourself and wisdom on all levels.

The retrograde cycle is for 4 ½ months and  Saturn retrogrades every 12 ½ months.  The sign that it rules over is Capricorn,  
so people with this sun sign experience its greatest effects –  all the signs will feel the effects to some degree.

If you were born with Saturn in retrograde at the time of your birth, you are probably devoting your entire life to knowing
what needs to be fixed and doing so.  Those individuals also do not have clear boundaries.   Many times they accept other
people’s responsibility and not enough  responsibility for themselves.  They will have to find their own successes and roles
in society. Many times the  people that needed to give them guidance in life were not there for them.

Saturn is retrograde for 140 days and is stationary for approx. 10 days

 2018 retrograde dates  4/17/18 - 9/6/18