If its attending my class or listening to one of my meditations, I like for everyone to know a little about what I am talking about during the
meditation.  For those that attend my meditations ~ I do get some individuals that have never meditated before.  For those that only listen to
my cd’s for you to understand what I am taking about in preparing you to how I go through things.

During the relaxation steps I review the following in most of my meditations ~

The chakra system ~ you do not have to be an expert at it
but at least know the colors and the placement of the major 7.  

Base is located in the pelvic area.  Its the first chakra and color is red
Sacral is located from the navel to the pelvic bone.  
Its the second chakra and the color is orange.
Solar Plexus is located from the diaphragm to the navel.
It is the third chakra and the color is sunny yellow.
Heart is located in the breast area.  It is the fourth chakra and color is green.
Throat chakra is in the throat from the lower lip to the clavicle.
It is the fifth chakra and the color is sky blue.
Third eye chakra is located three fingers up from the eyebrows to the upper lip.
It is the sixth chakra and the color is indigo.
Crown chakra is located on the top of your head.
It is the seventh chakra and the color is violet.

Putting yourself in a bubble of light ~
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Zippering up and down the chakra zipper ~ this is a way to open and close the chakra system.  
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Shifting the energies from the left to the right hemisphere of the brain ~  the left side of the brain is more earth thinking; needing to know
answers and why.  The right side is our spiritual side, imagination, creative  and intuitive side.  Either with your right hand or visualize a hand in
front of your face.  Slant the hand to the left side and pull the hand up to the right side.  This is opening the right hemisphere.

Deep breathing ~  one of the most important practices in meditation.  It calms the mind and body to be open and aware.  Begin by breathing in
through the nose ~ love and light energy ~ white light positive energy (intent & if possible visualize).  Counting the seconds it takes you to take
a slow deep breathe in filling your entire body as if the breathe is going all the way to the toes.  With that same amount of seconds hold the
breathe.  Then with the same amount of seconds, release out through the mouth slowly.  With your intent your are releasing all negative,
discord, discomfort in your body.

During the meditation ~

Allow your mind to go / to visualize.  You may think its your imagination, but allow it to be.  That is the intuitive side.  Your left hemisphere  /
your earth mind is trying to question you if its real.  Deep breathe and let it go and start imagining.

If you lost track and may have felt you drifted away, come back to my voice and follow along.

Try to experience all your senses.  Yes, most will tell you that they can sense things.  Use the senses of smell, feeling, taste and what emotions
are you feeling.

Thoughts that come in your head immediately is telepathic.  Its like knowing the answer to things, it just pops in as my students say.  These can
be messages from the other side or your higher self.

Some individuals see colors or sense beings around them.  Not everyone will see spirits / those on the other side in a form.  But some will just
sense there presents and pick up things with the telepathic things coming in their mind.  Some see colors and vibrations as this is part of energy
and the souls vibration color.

During the meditations you will be guided into deep states of relaxation. Some may say it is almost like hypnosis – but I am not a hypnotist. But
I am able to assist individuals into deep states of the higher conscience states. By guiding the individual into deep relaxation techniques it
allows the individual to become more open to their higher conscience. Then I assist the individual to open their psychic / energy centers to fully
be open to the experience.

My meditations are based on guided imagery. Meaning you will hear me talk / guide you through the meditation. In the meditations I will have
you explore and you will do the investigation on finding the information. I will be guiding you to the settings and more like facilitating the
events that will bring you into viewing these things. In the meditations, for example the past life meditation. I will assist by telling you things
like look around, what do you see; people, places etc. What are you wearing? What date is it? You name and things like that. Never do I plant
any seeds or make the person see something that is not there for them.

Throughout the years doing these meditations all that have attended my classes have enjoyed being able to meditate and view things. The best
thing that I can tell someone after doing meditations for groups for this many of years is be open to the experience. Being open to the
experience means do not come to the meditation with the mind set that you will only see things one way. Or you will only see this or that. You
are limiting your mind and the experience. The more open and cleared mind that you allow yourself to be the more you will enjoy and
experience.  When a person expects too much or certain ways then they are disappointed. They are working with the earth mind not the
intuitive / spiritual mind.

To also gain more from the experience prepare your body ~

Drink water but not so much that you will not be able to sit through it.

Most of the meditations itself is about 45 minutes at least.

Try to avoid caffeine so that you can be relaxed.

Make sure to use a rest room before you meditate.

Be in a comfortable place that you will not be disturbed ~ turn off phones and things like that.

Try to sit upright otherwise too reclined or lying down you could fall asleep.

Please do not come to the meditation classes or any classes under the influence of any substance. Prescription medication is fine but not the

Also, some feel that if you eat light before the meditation vs. too heavy of a meal that will also have an affect on the meditation.

After each meditation ( in person) we will have time to discuss what we have seen if you choose to. All of the classes with discussion last about
1 ½ hours or more. Also, some of the meditations ~ check the class listing, I will give a brief intuitive message when we discuss them. Please do
not come in late due to the process of meditation. So be on time or a little early.
Preparing yourself for a meditation ~
things for you to know before listening or attending a class