Also known as Lunar Samhain, the veil between worlds is thinner.  Which makes for all kinds of spirit
communication possible. With no lunar light, the spirit turns inward, to take a look around the personal
interior, and ponder realms we can't see with our eyes.

Scorpio is the sign of  death, re birthing and transformation.  Also, it deals with hidden mysteries, deep
psychological motivations, sharing resources from others and sexual desires.  It is the sexual desires of
intimacy, bonding and soul mates.  Some fear this intimacy that can expose our emotions to other

The Scorpio New Moon offers a time to do the journey within.  It is the journey of the hidden darkness or
the things that we keep hidden within side of our selves.  By going within this deep journey, we can also
start to heal by bringing to light the darkness.  If your deep hidden emotions and bad habits are keeping
from your path and desires, use this moons energy to take serious determination on healing.  

Scorpio Moon is a time of the death of the old life to make way for the new life. This is a sign that
inspires us to be use determination and encourages us to face our own inner demons and what is resistant.  
Use this energy to break through the darkness to the light. Don’t fear this process but embraces the
energy and power to remove what is dead inside of us to allow new life to generate within.

It is also a time of healing our sexual side of us.  Sometimes we give our power away to our partners
through bad situations and relationships.  It is a time to take reclaim our power back.  It can be done with
a ritual or by meditation on pure intent to envision drawing back your power.  Reclaiming our own inner
power is the them during this New Moon.

Scorpio is a sign that also keeps things hidden or buried.  But not all is on a negative.  Think of it as they
find the things that show potential for them and bury them for a while where it will grow.  The new moon
is a chance for us to find these hidden potentials within side of us and with patience, start to nurture
them.  It also encourages us to make tough decisions and to step out of the old vessel and make way for a
total transformation.

During this souls journey that the Scorpio Moon guides us through, remember to be kind to yourself.  If its
pampering with a long bath or taking it easy on yourself, you will need it during this journey time.  Your
dreams will be more lucid during this time.  They will show you the lessons that you are going through in
your present.  Remember to take notes so that you will remember the teachings during the night.

Honoring  your truth and speak your deepest passions during this New Moon’s energy.  Examine whether
you are living in your own truth or trying to please others.  Express your deepest passions to those trusted
individuals in your life during this time.

Take advantage of the transformative and deeply sensual energies during this moons energy.

New moon in Scorpio key themes:

Regaining your own personal power or taking your power back
Digging deep within
Soul searching
Major transformation
Embracing the courage energy to face our own shadows

Use this New Moons energy to:

Removing toxins from our body.
Doing healing on our self via our own self or through a practitioner
Going within and finding the root of  the matter of our darkness and hurts.
Letting go
Opening the doors to our psychic minds
Planting the seeds to our path and desires
Scorpio is a sign that seeks out underground reservoirs of energy, to be turned into power. Think of what
it's like to find cathartic release for something that's dogged you for many years. Your energy is suddenly
freed up, so you can channel it into your daily life.
New Moon in Scorpio