This is very easy to do.  I teach  my students to do this as soon as they awaken in the morning.

your protectors/angels/Divine   to surround you in the bubble of Divine light. (you can also say
the love and light or a bubble of white light).  With your intent that only positive, love and light
may enter in my bubble of protection.  Negative energy may not enter.

While visualizing the bubble you also can say:

The light of God surrounds us, The love of God enfolds us, and The power of God protects us, The
presence of God watches over us, Wherever we are, God is.

The important thing to remember when you do this or any other form of protection with the light,
is that you must stay in positive in thoughts, words and deeds.     The light will not protect those
that are standing behind the shield of protection and doing harm to another.

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Surrounding yourself in  a  bubble of light - Protection