Opening & Closing the chakras
It is very important to keep your energy protected as well as your chakras.

You should only keep your chakras open if: you are meditating, healing or any intuitive work. Otherwise your crown
always stays open and so do your feet chakra. This will still allow you to use them but will not keep you open to all
the negative energy of this plane and others.

Here are some techniques for opening and closing your chakras.

Imagine that all of your chakras are flowers and each are the colors of the chakras. To open the chakras you will have
the flowers open and to close you will have the flowers close to buds.

There is a way to imagine a silver cord at the base of your tail bone and to pull it will close all the chakras (the
chakras are all connect on the silver cord).

Also, you can with your hands open the circles on each chakra and close them.

One of the easiest ways is to see a large zipper at the base chakra and zipper up to the top of the third eye just
below the hair line (3 finger widths from the eyebrows) - making sure not to close the crown and to open just unzip.
Audio explains this technique

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