Using the Energy of the New Moon in Capricorn
This New Moon is for setting goals, initiating projects, and making a serious commitment to achieving your financial and career success. It is because  
Capricorn demands integrity, discipline and responsibility to accomplish this. So, if you have trouble with over-spending and staying on a budget, this is
the New Moon to work hard on changing that pattern of behavior.

Capricorn is the sign of climbing to the top of the mountain.  This climb up the mountain is the attainment of our goals and success.  The sign is associated
with business, finances and material world power.  It is the most goal oriented sign of the zodiac.  They seek to have social status, recognition, respect and
reputation.  This sign’s planet represents struggles; time, limitations, overcoming restrictions and often lessons learned the hard way.  

The Capricorn moon brings an increase awareness for the need for discipline and structure.  It deals with: career, business, fathers, reputation, honor,
material concerns, grounding, past lives, political matters, recognition, organizations, ambition.

This moon’s message is to be respected for either wisdom or authority.  Appreciate hard earned knowledge and wisdom and how you can benefit from it.  
It has us focusing on our role in the community and for us to rely on each other. This moon can bring on some depression and negativity if one is include
to be that way.

Capricorn deals with the knees, bones, skin and joints.  Use this time to do healing work on these areas.

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During this New Moon in Capricorn you can do one or more of the following:

The abundance check is a great way of manifesting income in.   This should be done on a monthly basis. Read how to do this.

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Wishes during a New Moon, read more.

    This Capricorn moon examples:
    I choose to bring my wisdom to bear on everything I undertake.
    I choose to achieve position and status in my working life.
    I choose to approach my work with greater tolerance.
    I choose to learn from my responsibilities.
    I choose to be seen as a figure of authority in my own right.

Make a manifestation board of the things that you want in your life.  Be creative how you want things and how design it.  Read more

Make a manifestation wish list.  read more

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Write your intentions on a 7-day candle, and light it each day up to the full Moon. Take small actions each day that signal to your Self that you are
committed to your goals.

Some Questions to ask yourself in this new moon:

    What things in your life are you resisting right now?
    Can you accept yourself with all your faults and limitations?
    Where do our lives need massive restructuring?
    Where or to whom have we given our authority away
    What have you come here to accomplish?
    What do you need help with?
    Who can help you with these things?
    Who is preventing you from accomplishing what you need to?
    Who is keeping you on track? Take a moment or two to acknowledge these people right now.
    Are we climbing the mountain of our most cherished ambition? If not how do we begin to? What do we need to delegate, streamline or

Set goals

Dealing with material concerns.

This moon is a great time for doing past life meditations or regression to overcome past negative influences.

Getting in touch with and expressing your feelings.

Going outside and connecting with a tree in your backyard by grounding.

If you have been thinking about changing job fields, this moon is wonderful for assisting with that.  Use this moon to think of what you really want to do.

Write down your goals for the coming new year.

Write a personal mission statement

Read the biography of someone you admire

Work with crystals

If you haven’t already, establish your boundaries

Where does this New Moon at 14 Capricorn fall in your chart? What house/area of life is it lighting up? How do you need to, first, acknowledge yourself in
that area of life? How can you bring the positive characteristics of gentle but firm discipline, order, good habits, and new foundations to this area of life?
Can you let the business of others appreciating you come to you naturally instead of craving it so much that you are dancing as fast as you can all the time?

Meditation ~

Go within and find out how you can better channel your energies.

Plan a ritual:

Things that deal with material concerns and desires.

Focus on stability, grounding and centering.

To assist you in remaining steadfast in your own convictions.

Affirmations for this New Moon:

  • I am aligned with my highest good.  I create order and peace naturally.
  • I release my struggle with life.
  • I accept compassion and gentleness as divine aspects of my being.
  • I choose to manifest consciously and with integrity.
  • With confidence, discipline and dedication I can achieve my ambitions and fulfill my destiny.
  • I am industrious. I take on tasks that require considerable planning and work.
  • I am patient. I work steadily to produce rewards that are long in coming -- but worth the wait.
  • I am responsible. I meet my routine commitments, even when progress is hard to see.
  • I am organized. I keep track of my obligations and fulfill them reliably and well.

Feng Shui during the New Moon in Capricorn:

Place a water fountain in your home.  Put it near the front door to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Ruling Planet  ~ Saturn
Element ~ Earth
Cardinal Sign

Angel associated with Capricorn ~  
Gabriel & Hanael

Hanael, Angel of December and ruler of Capricorn meaning "Glory or grace of God," is known as the chief of innocents. He is invoked as an amulet
against evil.

Crystals for the New Moon in Capricorn ~ Amethyst, Chalcopyrite, Fluorite, Galena, Garnet, Leopard-skin Jasper, Jet, Magnetite, Malachite, Clear
Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Tigers-eye

Candle colors & colors for this New Moon in Capricorn ~ Black, gray, violet, dark brown, dun and shades of earth.

Herbs for Capricorn ~ Rosemary, dill, tarragon, caraway, chamomile, heartsease, lambs ears, rosemary and marjoram.