New Moon in Virgo
Virgo is an Mutable Earth sign.  Earth signs deal with things that are analytical, intellectual, reserved in their ways,
critical, diligent and assisting to others.  This Mutable Earth sign brings to us a concern about the physical realities
here on earth.  What we can get in a material way.  

New Moon in Virgo theme  is on the  creative cycle  of life.  The focus is on people in general.  It is being more logical,
discerning of things, analytical and achievement.

During the New Moon in Virgo is a great time to get back to your personal goals.  This energy assists us in making very
important changes within our lives.   It draws us into listening to our own physical body.  It is a time to find out what
is going on or just to start being better on a physical level.  Learn more about your own body; what it needs to heal,
nurture and live healthier.   

The Virgo trait is being serious about their career and things in life.  Virgo sign brings our awareness to our own
physical body.  Making sure that we are healthy and taking care of our own self during this time.  It brings us to be
more organized within our lives and things around us.  They strive for perfection in everything, even if their own lives
are not perfect.    The Virgo can be very critical of others.  It is a time to lean to be more accepting of others and

It is a sign of deep thinking and analyzing over things.  Which can be positive and negative at times.  They like to be in
total control of things.  Virgos like to find flaws in things and others.  But the down side is to ridicule them instead of
assisting when needed.  Use this time to step out of any of these obsessive behaviors that you may have.

Use this energy of the New Moon in Virgo:

  • To make important changes within your lives.
  • Tackling tasks that need to be done and completed.
  • An optimal time to start or begin again, a health and or fitness program.  
  • Re originative things in your life and things in the material sense.
  • Develop a constructive, productive and positive discrimination.
  • Take responsibility in situations.
  • Learn to live in the present and letting go of the past.