URANUS - In Pisces -
2003- March 10 2011
in Aries May 27 -2010 - August 13 2010
March 11 2011 - May 15 2018

Briefly we will find Uranus in Aries from May 27th 2010 then retrogrades on July 5th 2010 into Pisces and back to Pisces
on August 14th. 2010  It will be direct on December 6th 2010  in Pisces. On March 12th 2011 it will be in Aries for eight

When it is in Pisces, it is  mysterious.  The last time it entered Pisces, was from 1919 to 1927 ~ the Russian Revolution to
the roaring twenties.  This time period should bring global government movement, solutions to problems that were
unsolvable and more of understanding.

In Aries the fire sign.   The emphasis will be on independence and new beginnings.  It will give you some insight this year
(2011) of how your life will change.  If there are areas in your life that need to be let go of or changed, Uranus will target
them.  Unfortunately it can be an upheaval if you are living not positively.  It is a time also of spiritual tests and

Use this time to set your goals or even to reexamine your current ones.  

We will find that it will open our selves and the world to new exciting innovations. New breakthroughs in science,
medicine and mostly anything can happen during this period.

The last time it was in Aries was from 1927 to 1935 of the stock market crash and the great depression started.

How this will affect your sun sign ~


Uranus in Aries 2010 through 2018 in your first house of self.  It is a beginning of a new you.  You may find new ways of
doing things and creating new ideas and products.  The possible caution is to watch your explosive temper, but it will be
on a short leash.  It also will be back in Pisces (2003 - 2011) for a short period on December 31st.

Uranus enters your sign on May 27th 2010 until 2018.  Making no part of your world being untouched.  It will release
buried tensions and releasing you from obstacles that kept you behind from fulfilling your dreams and goals.  Uranus
will assist in breaking you from the old way of life and into a very new way.


Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018.  In Pisces, it is in your eleventh house of friends,
goals and ambitions.  If you are planning on adopting or having children now is the time for it.  When it moves into Aries
in May in your twelfth house of hidden, behind the scenes, spouses job, the subconscious and creativity.  Make sure
that you write down all the ideas that come into your head during this time. These ideas can be brought into reality.  


Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 in your tenth house and in Aries 2010 through 2018 in your eleventh house. While its
in Pisces you will need to stay strong and focused.  This energy will have you ungrounded and unfocused. It assists in
higher energy of communication.  There maybe advancements in career during this time. When it enters Aries for a
short time on May 27th it will deal with fathers money, career money, communicative forms, friends, hopes and desires
in your eleventh house.  Finances may come your way through father or career.  You may meet new and interesting

Uranus and Jupiter will be in the eleventh house of your long term goals on May 27th and June 6th.  It will follow the
first of three Jupiter and Uranus conjunctions on June 8th.  It is a time to visualize and image your goals and dreams to
the highest without anything standing possibly in your way.  You must work hard to attain what you desire.

Uranus will be in your tenth house of career on August 13th then Jupiter on September 9th.  This is the second Jupiter
and Uranus conjunction on September 18th which can mean recognition at your job or even some unknown promotion.  

Jupiter and Uranus will be in retrograde in Pisces in your tenth house of career.  Wonderful things will happen for you
out of the blue. You will have to jump on the opportunities when they present themselves. Things will fall into place
when this happens.  Possible career improvements can happen.  Good news for father during this time.


Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018.  Uranus will be leaving your ninth house of travel,
religion, publishing and higher education.  However, you like the home front and not travel but may have found
yourself traveling.  Aim for success in your career.  When it enters Aries in May, with all the prep work you did the last
eight years you should be able to move forward in your career.  Make sure that you are ready for changes to take place.  
Uranus is known for bringing changes on and to see how you will handle them when your were not ready by your own


Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 in your eighth house of shared resources.  Your finances though others may have
put you on a different track than you expected.  This house also deals with intimacy; you may have been on a
rollercoaster ride even though you tried to manage the instability. If you are in a marriage that is unstable and planning
on a divorce this can assist it.  However, you must remember it will free you so that you can bring someone in to your
life that is more in tuned to who you are.   This year will be transitional. Finances may be better for your spouse /
partner.  On May 27th, Uranus will be in Aries  2010 through 2018 in your ninth house.  This will give you some insight on
what is to come for you.  New experiences will happen for you.  This would be an excellent period to further your
education for your career for the future events. On August 13th, it will go back to the eight house for six months
assisting you on completing any financial or emotional things.


Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018.  In Pisces it is in your seventh house of partners /
spouses, children and grandparents.  These individuals wanted their independence from you to express their selves. It
would be wised to spice up your married life or relationship in order to keep it.  The other person needs it.  When Uranus
goes into Aries in May it will be in the eighth house of spouses / partners finances, grandparents, children and siblings.  
It will give you a glimpse into the future then head back to Pisces.  The individuals that are in the eighth house may
come into some money during this time or a possible loss that was not expected.  You will also be sent into a new
direction that is needed.


Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018 it is in your sixth house of work, health and service.  
There may have been a possibility that you lost your job during this time in Pisces.  However, this happened because you
needed a job that you desired not just to have a job.  Uranus did this to have you pursue what you want.  In May it will
be in Aries in the seventh house of relationships, spouses / partners, grandparents, children and siblings.  Those that
deal with this house will seek independence for themselves.  Do not stand in their way.  You may also find that your
partner may want to have a different relationship with you as they maybe tired of the same old.  Issues that you have
buried away will come to the surface as these deals with your shadow side.  Allow them to surface and heal as needed.  
Changes will happen for you in new directions.  Allow this to happen, as it is best.  


Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018.  It has been in your fifth house of children, romance,
talents and abilities.  Things may have not gone smoothly for you.  Your oldest child may have been rebellious during
this time.  In May it will enter Aries in your sixth house of work, health and service.  There will be changes at work for
the good or bad.  Just allow it to happen and watch.  If your father is single he may be getting married.  


Uranus in Pisces in your fourth house of family since 2003 has made your home life upside down.  When Jupiter conjoins
Uranus in Pisces on September 18th and on January 4th 2011, you are more than likely to let go of old emotional
attachments and happens that may have held you behind.  You get a glimpse of what is to come next year when Uranus
is in Aries from May 27th through August 13th then back to Pisces.  June 8th connection with Jupiter and Uranus is in
your fifth house of Romance, children and creativity.  This will have you enjoying fun time and a possible time to fall
into love.  However, unfortunately Saturn will oppose Jupiter and Uranus in a long-term transition that may hinder you
from reaching your dreams. If you want to over come this, you will just have to work harder. This transit began in
November 2008th . It  had you put a hold on your ideas and on April 26th and July 26th

It opposes Uranus it can hinder your process on May 23rd and August 16th when it opposes Jupiter.
Uranus in Pisces 2003 to 2011 and then in Aries 2010 to 2018.  It has been in the fourth house of home and family at the
bottom of your chart of your foundation.  A roller coaster ride and a shake up of your life are saying it lightly.  There
were a lot of changes and especially in the home.  However, this opened you to new directions and who you are.  When
it enters Aries in May, it will be in the fifth house of children, romance and creativity.  There maybe a new love coming
to you during this time but may leave just as quickly as they entered.  However, some may find them staying.

Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018. It has been in the third house of communication,
lower education and siblings.  Short trips are possible.  You may have seen your siblings acting out to other family
members.  Now in Aries it will be in the fourth house of home, mother, real estate and your foundation.  There maybe
some difficulties with this.  It is having you find a more solid foundation in your life.   


Uranus in your second house shows financial instability.  However, your self-esteem will be your greatest security.  You
may find a struggle from time to time with that also.  
Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018.  The second house of finances and talents was a little
rocky Pisces.  In Aries in May it will be in our third house will have ideas turn into finances.  An earth sign can assist you
with this.


Uranus has been active since 2003.  On May 27th, it goes into Aries until August 13th before it stays in Pisces on March 11,
2011.  All the issues that you experienced inside of you and outside of you over the past seven years will start showing
you it all had meaning for the future.

Uranus in Pisces 2003 through 2011 and in Aries 2010 through 2018.  It is in the first house of self.  Your emotions were
higher than usual during this time.  Your appearance may have changed during this period in Pisces.  When it goes to
Aries in May, it will be in the second house.  Major changes can happen for the better.  The change can be with finances.  
Opportunities can present themselves during these times.   

    Uranus goes retrograde on July 5th, retroes back into Pisces on August 14th, and goes direct on
    December 6th.

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