The common characteristics of each sign

Mind you we all are a mixture of our rising and sun sign.  The rising/ascendant is how others view us.  The following are
basic characterizes for each sign.  I am including both the positive and negative aspects.  We will be in the negative if we
are living any type or any form of that way.  But it does not mean that we have to stay there.  Each sign has its ups and
downs.  But when we are  in that sign or governed somehow in our chart by it  should not be a hindrance  but a way for
us to go beyond and get over it.  Never should any one feel stuck within a sign or aspect in there chart and say ’because
this is there, that is how my life will be’.  No it does not, it is your choice to make that pebble in the road a pebble or a

None of this is to offend anyone because we are not totally of one sign but a mixture of many. But it is the sign in a so
called nut shell.  In the description I do mention both the positive and negative.  You may even find these characteristics
in people that you know.  But at least you may have a good laugh.  You may have some of these traits or none at all.


Aries works from the mind.  They are constant learners.  You will find most of your Aries in school learning no matter
what age.  If they are not going to school they would be reading as much as they can.  They constantly think.  
Unfortunately the body part governed by the sign is the mind.  When it is affected we will find problems in the mind as
more on a psychological issues or traumas to the brain.  Aries will express that they are always right at time and the ’I
am number one’.  this is because they are first on the zodiac - but that does not mean they are.  They seem to have
problems with finances and family mostly. Which is ironic because that is mostly their desires is the family and
money.    You may never win a battle with an Aries because most think they are always right even when they are wrong.

Positive trait words: active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, open to change and new experiences.
Negative traits: they are susceptible to harm from fire and sharp instruments.  They are also prone to accidents
involving  high speed and tend to get into violent and dangerous situations.

Opposite sign - Libra


Taurus’s are the tough cookies of the zodiac sign.  We mostly see them as not having emotions and very tough and
strong.  But deep down inside they are gushy with very much emotions.  They tend to put this front up to people and
end up having problems because they bottle everything inside.  They make excellent business leaders because of this.  
They can control the situations with there power they project.  But the down fall that can be the flow in their character
of being too pushy and controlling as most people do not like that.  Which all is a sign of insecurity with in their own
character. The throat and the neck is governed by this sign and they would have more problems in this area.

Positive traits: quiet, affectionate, patient, stable, determined and practical, stubborn and resistant to change.
Negative traits: they have a tendency to get involve in violent situations that have to do with love or money.  They
often antagonize others and incite the passions of lovers because of their stubbornness and possessiveness.

Opposite sign Scorpio


Poor Gemini gets some of the worst rap in the zodiac because of the personalities.  They are known for multi
personalities and at times we do not even know who we are dealing with.  This is do to their many different
personalities.  Don’t we all have ‘I, me and myself’ ?  They love to talk as their sign is governing communications.  They
make wonderful careers in any form of communications like radio, tv, newspaper or journalism.  Anything that deals
with communication and expression Gemini is the one to do the job.   The hands, arms, shoulders, lungs and nervous
system is governed by this sign.  They would be affected by one of these body parts.  But mostly affected by needing to
control their multi personalities as this can turn into an illness unless controlled.  Gemini’s make wonderful and exciting
love partners.  Never will have a dull moment in the bed room - the multi personalities works well in that department.
They are one of the two erotic signs in the zodiac the other is Aquarius that is probably why they work so well together.

Positive traits: lively, energetic, versatile, intellectual, lives primarily in the mind rather than the emotions, and is
extremely adaptable to new situations.

Negative traits: they are prone toward accidents while traveling, especially by air. Their fickle natures also tend to
arouse unexpected anger in others, the depth of which Gemini’s often misjudge.

Opposite sign - Sagittarius


Cancers are the universal counselors.  It seems that everyone tells a Cancer their problems or goes to them for help.  
They are wonderful listeners.  The only thing is that they absorb the other persons issues as if they were their own.  But
they do not let go of it and incorporates it into their own life.  They need to release it once the person is done
communicating with them.  They never forget anything and might also bring this up latter in life for situations for the
good or bad. They are very maternal family oriented even more then the families they eventually have.  Most men
Cancers will be strongly close to the mothers as the female Cancers will be that of the fathers.  They will want a family
unit.  They seem to have problems with the family at times.  Cancers are known to hold on to things even the bad
situations.  They will stay into a bad relationship until something better comes along.  Think of the crab itself, it does
not let go.  It will hold on to the very end even until it kills what it has in the claws until some other food supply comes
and gets it interested.  This does not mean that Cancers kill their pray but they hold on to situations and relationships
and do not let go until something better comes along, but until then they will hold on.  Their stomach and breasts are
govern over by this sign.  They will have problems with these areas. The Cancer will fight for any cause to see justice
being served.

Positive traits: receptive, sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic, kind, emotional and possess an active, shrewd and
intuitive mind.

Negative traits: they are susceptible to accidents in the home.  They are also prone toward becoming victims of theft.

Opposite sign - Capricorn


The Leo’s are the social individuals of the zodiac.  You will never keep a Leo in the house for too long.  They want to be
the center of the attention or at least be heard.   There homes or rooms may not be in order and possibly messy, but if
you move something or take something away they will know its gone.  They are the lovers of the zodiac.  The male Leos
may have more than one mate or not want to settle down to just one.  But the female Leo only will want one lion.  They
are the workaholics in the universe.  It may seem that they never will stop working because of their goals for the
future.  You can tell a Leo by their hair.  The lions mane will always have to be just so.   The heart and upper back are
governed by this sign.  As these things would deal with heart chakra issues because they love to be in love.  When love
is not present the world is coming to a end.   They do not like slackers in life, because of their own work drive.  They
think everyone should work.

Positive trait: enthusiastic, powerful, expansive, creative, generous, extravagant, dogmatic and fixed in opinion.

Negative trait: they tend to be bombastic and challenging, often unknowingly provoke others into impulsive violence.  
They are prone toward being victims of slander.

Opposite sign - Aquarius


Virgo’s are and make the leaders in the world of business and military.  They do not like to be on the bottom of the
company but to be someone else’s superior.    They are very affectionate in relationships.  But this also can be in the
need to keep a relationships.  As they are more likely to do anything to keep there mate at times.  Not realizing that just
an unconditional love situation will last longer.  They have a tendency to  reflect and hold onto the past.  Mostly on an
eye for an eye level and wanting to seek out revenge.  Instead of letting justice prevail they are more likely to give the
justice.  Where the Cancer will fight for causes and take them to court and such, the Virgo if living negatively be the
court, judge and punisher. As they will also seem to hold onto negative emotions instead of the positive ones like
happiness and joy.  They make excellent people in the military or any law enforcement environment. Most of them will
be in jobs related to the typical earth plane oriented because they are passionate about earth plane things including
money and material things.  They want to analysis everything.  Virgos also tend to be in a dream world of non reality.  
They can and need to watch out for over fantasizing were they think they are actually living that life in their
imagination.  The nervous system and intestines are governed by their sign.  

Positive traits: reserved, modest, practical, discriminating, industrious, analytical, painstaking, seeking to know and

Negative traits: they sometimes arouse anger and violence in others because of their tendency to interfere, their critical
tongues and unemotional attitudes.

Opposite sign - Pisces


Libras will always try to seek a balance in life.  But no one has every told that poor Libra when they were born not to
expect balance because they just entered the earth plane.  So when anything goes wrong, some type of dysfunction in
the family or a problem they become very off balance.  Most of their life they will try to seek balance.  Libras will and
do make excellent justice people like in courts and such.  They can weigh sides to someone else’s problems and bring
about fair judgement.  The down side of the negative side of a Libra is that you may find one that is not in the positive
do not tell the truth and possibilities of stealing.  Which these are the total opposite of the positive of this side, that is
why it would be the negative.  The lower back, kidneys and buttocks can be affected because it governs this sign.

Positive key trait words:  active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, prizes beauty and harmony, is diplomatic, polished and
very social.

Negative key traits - Libra people tend to stir up ill feelings from others in situations having to do with love.  Because
they are indecisive and sometimes make a declaration of love too easily.  They will anger and disappoint lovers.  They
also can be fickle and faithless.

The opposite sign - Aries;  which has to be always right and Libra could not handle the scales tipped.


Scorpio is a very mysterious sign because you will never know too much about them.  They do have hidden stuff that
you may or may not find out.  But just like the real scorpion it hides in dark places and if you put your foot or look
somewhere were it is dark you will get stung.  They are very passionate sign.  They are extremely imaginative.  It seems
that they do have great ideas and projects but need others to promote or assist with them to bring success.  Never get
a Scorpio made just because they will get you in the end with the stinger of their tail.  The genitals are governed by this
sign.  They also are very emotional individuals that they need to keep a check on this aspect. They are very jealous
individuals especially when it deals with love.  Which does not make sense half the time because most do not want only
one partner, they tend to be the lovers.

Positive trait words:  imaginative, passionate and emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, obstinate and unyielding.

Negative traits - they evoke anger in others by their secretiveness and jealousy.  Their sharp tempers can also enrage
others to the point of violence.     

The opposite sign is the Taurus


The wonderful sign of the zodiac.  Everyone should have one in their life, they love to clean and buy things.   If the
Sagittarius is living in the positive you will find their home and surroundings orderly and clean.  You will never see it
dirty or messy unless they were living in the negative.  A Sagittarius loves to spend money no matter if it is theirs or
someone else’s.  It would be a crime to them if they could not spend even a dime in a week.  When they get the chance
it would be spent on anything just to be able to spend.  They love to gossip and give people advice.  Most of the time
they may have no clue in what they are saying but it sounds good to them.  Unfortunately this is the negative trait and
usually their lives are on the down hill motion during this time.  They really do not like to be tied down to anything.  Any
obstacle in their path can easy be removed.  They are full of ideas and want to experience new things.  The liver, hips
and thighs are governed by this sign.  

Positive traits words:  energetic, ambitious, generous, freedom loving, seeker of challenges, open to new ideas and

Negative traits: they are subject to accidents of fire and explosion, especially while traveling. Their strong desire for
freedom may also incite jealousy and possessiveness on the part of a lover.

Opposite sign is Gemini


Capricorns are the CPA’s of the world.  They are great in mathematics and anything dealing with analytical.  Buy the age
of 5 the typical Capricorn has managed to balance the parents check book. - well some can.  They make excellent school
teachers as the desire to teach the individuals with growing minds.  They come into this life time wanting and needing
security.  Security of finances for the future.  So they will be not spending much and making sure they have enough for
the future.  But also needing security within their own family and friends.  If it is just a phone call to someone close to
make sure that they are still their and not disappeared they will be fine and feel secure.  They come mostly from past
life issues of abandonment as this is the need for security of knowing that people care.  They love people.  Mostly to
have friends.  It seems they will even give people second, third, fourth and so forth chances knowing that there is a
chance that they may need to be helped and can overcome their problems.  They are very caring individuals and seem
not wanting to harm anyone.  The bones, joints and knees are governed by this sign.  

Positive trait words:  reserved, prudent, patient, uses cunning instead of force, seeks security, is acquisitive, disciplined,
determined and quick to seize opportunity.  

Negative traits:  other people may harbor hidden grudges and resentments because of Capricorns coldness and reserve
attitude.  Secrets from the past are sometimes used against them.

Opposite sign Cancer


The Aquarius is the thinkers and imaginative sign of the zodiac.  The love their time alone to go inward.  Most of the
time you will find a true Aquarius on a different plane, because it is easy for them to venture off.  If they don’t like the
conversation with someone most people think that they are so aloof or not able to stay with the subject, but they are
really communicating with others on another plane of reality - were they think are more interesting and intelligent than
the conversation at hand.  Not all the time that is done - being  an Aquarius myself, you really have to get our interest
to keep our conversation and interest going.  Aquarius also can be known for butting into a conversation or changing it
no matter if its in the middle of a sentence.  They remembered a thought or something back in their mind.  They love to
change their mind.  Constantly that it upsets people.  If you asked one to go to the movies, for example, they will reply
yes, get to the door then decide no, then sit down and say yes.  The process could be endless. This is another erotic sign
because they have such an imagination.  They try to seek the truth in the  world. The circulatory system, shins and
ankles are governed by the sign.

Positive traits: assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, inventive, has strong dislikes and firm opinions.

Negative traits: they are innovative, unconventional, sometimes eccentric and are therefore often targets for attacks
by narrow minded people.   Also they have a tendency to get into unusual situations and take up with odd ball

Opposite sign Leo


Pisces can be very easy flowing and can just about get along with anyone and any sign.  Most of the healers will be of
this sign.  They also can be intuitive in nature.  They are very emotional individuals as water governs the emotions.  As
the fish swims in all different ways so does those of this sign.  They can go with the flow as they are very adaptable to
new situations and things.  Unfortunately that it is the sign of addictions and bad habits.  If they are living negatively
they can have additions and bad habits to many things like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, money, sex and anything that
the earth plane can offer.  Now this also can be just considered bad habits and not into the addictive type.  They also
like to stir up things and then leave or not letting others know it was them.  As the fish on the bottom of the lake will
move the gravel and dirt and make a cloud and leave.  They love romance and to experience many romantic situations.  
The typical Pisces man could be called ’the ladies man’.  the feet are governed by this sign.

Positive traits: receptive, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, romantic, impressionable, mystical, adaptable and very
Negative traits:  they have susceptibility to alcohol and drugs.  They are also easily drawn into unpredictable situations
and to unbalanced people.

Opposite sign - Virgo
Sign Characteristics