Manifest our desires with Crystal Energy
The power of crystals lies in their ability to hold and transmit energy. Crystal energy can help us to heal, focus our intent
and manifest desires. There are many different types of crystals. Each type of crystal has its own unique characteristics
and will assist in different ways.

It is said that the power of crystals lie in their ability to amplify the energy behind our desires. They also assist in align
our vibration with our intentions. Crystal energy and the various types of crystals can be seen as important tools to help
us to quickly manifest desires of all kinds.

Manifesting Crystals

Rose Quartz ~ great for manifesting love, creating gentle healing energy and opening the heart chakra to receive love.
Amethyst ~ assists in manifesting desires by illuminating the path towards our highest goals.
Agate ~ wear agate when you intend to manifest desires for the continuation of a positive experience.
Amazonite ~  assists  to manifest desires to communicate clearly. A wonderful manifestation tool for writers and artists.
Carnelian ~ assists on moving the person forward to take initiative towards manifesting desires
Peridot ~ assists to manifest money.  Stimulating your imagination and creative thinking with new ideas that have the
ability to be realized and made manifest into your life.
Green Tourmaline ~ Attracts success, prosperity and abundance.
Flourite ~ aligns the individual with greater powers of concentration and deepens meditation.
Garnet ~ assists to manifest desires by enhancing our commitment to self and others.
Jasper ~ enhances our state of relaxation and tranquility and wholeness. Manifest desires with greater ease through
wearing this stone.
Tiger's Eye ~ it is used to bring good fortune, wealth, openness, candor, and personal power.  Assists in enhancing you
with confidence in your abilities to manifest your dreams. It helps you to realize all the resources that are available to you.
The color is golden, which represents manifesting abilities.  Darker brown symbolizes the energies of the earth.  Which
relates to using your ideas in a practical way to make them reality.
Smoky Quartz ~ assists in manifesting your dreams and visions. It boosts the energy field and your confidence.
Strengthening your creativity and helps you realize greater insight and knowledge. If you want to change your life and reach
beyond your limitations, then this stone will assist you in manifest your dreams.