The third chakra is called the solar plexus or Manipura in Sanskrit.  It is located from the diaphragm to the
navel.  Viewing the chakra from the back it is located in the lower thoracic to the entire lumbar of the spine.  It
radiates a sunny yellow color.  The element is fire.

Most of the negative emotions that we can have come from this chakra.  The way we truly react, will depend
upon what emotions that the individual has blocked or not block.  If they were blocked, for example with anger,
you would be arguing and being on the defense as soon as someone would even ask you a simple question.

The solar plexus is the male - masculine energy center. It is part of the yin and yang. In addition, the power,
control and will center.   How we are able to manifest things in our lives are directed from the solar plexus.  
Through the third eye we vision it and through the solar plexus, we send the energy out to manifest.  

Within the third chakra we can find information about the individual on; beliefs, emotions that they have and
dealing with, situations, how they react to emotions and the environment around them, physical issues, their
strengths and weaknesses.  The following is an overview of what can be housed within the chakra.

Belief system:

Our own beliefs about success and opportunities that come into our life.  How we analysis and judge within our
own way of thoughts about the whole makeup of existence here on earth.

Our reaction to situations and others:

If this center is healed, we deal with problems head on with a level head and positive frame of mind.  When it is
blocked, we make our reactions from fear, worry, hate or anger.

Positive qualities:

Our own authority and power, inner harmony, self-acceptance, being able to meet challenges and obstacles,
respecting others on many levels, balance, manifesting our wants, desires, and assurance.

Body parts and organs:

The digestive system; stomach, GI track, gallbladder, small and large intestines, colon, appendix, spleen,
diaphragm, sympathetic nervous system, and left hemisphere of the brain.

Development of this chakra on a spiritual level:

This is the first center to develop on an intuitive level. We all come into this life with the ability to some degree
of clairsentience.  It is the gut feeling we all have.   Clairsentience is the empathy, the just knowing feelings, the
ability to sense from Spirit; smell, taste and feel like in psychometry. Also, this is where manifestation takes

Some of the signs that the base chakra is blocked are:  

A desire to manipulate or control people and situations for your own personal agenda.
Not being able to relax and or let go of things.
Not able to express your self with out feeling negatively.
You get easily upset even over the smallest thing.
You view that obstacles, challenges are everywhere, and that you cannot move forward because of it.
When you are faced with any problem or situation, you have a sick feeling or feel uneasy.
You may lack confidence.
You do not trust your own judgment.

Situations and events that may have happened in our lives that we could be holding onto that
caused blocks within:

If at any point in your live that you have been in a dangerous situation or environment, been physically or
mentally abused.  Been treated in a belittled way or over controlled.  Also, the programming that parents or
others that we have looked up to or valued them in our lives that had shame or ridicule.

Blocks that can be within this center can deal with the emotions we have and how we express
ourselves to others and situations:

The major emotions that it deals with are worry, fear, anger, frustration, hate, aloofness, and dogmatic.  Not
being able to manifest properly and mentally bullying.  Holding onto resentments towards people and situations.  
Not being able to process or accept others beliefs or opinions. Overly aggressive, dominating, controlling,
manipulative, blaming others when its not their fault, stubbornness, weak will, no self discipline, hyperactivity,
competitive and emotionally cold to others.

How the blocks can an affect the physical body:

Arthritis, digestive disorders, ulcers, colon and intestinal, diarrhea or constipation, appendix, weight issues,  
anorexia or bulimia, nervous exhaustion, lower back problems/lumbar, diaphragm, gird, gastric disorders,
indigestion, hepatitis, not digesting properly, skin rashes, acne - which usually deals with anger issues.  Hives can
happen which deals with fears and worries.

Crystals can be used to either develop or heal this energy center:

Amber, citrine, malachite, topaz, sunstone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, citrine, rose quartz, aventurine, smoky
quartz and sunstone.

Affirmations for the solar plexus chakra:

I only allow positive feelings and emotions to come to me and through me.
I trust me own inner guidance.
Positive energy flows freely through me.
Love, joy, happiness and harmony are abundant in my life.

Yoga position:

Vajroli Mudra (mudra = a sealing posture)

Mantra / Sound

Ram / Aw (saw)

Essential Oils to use for healing or development:

Frankincense, rose, myrrh, Melissa, neroli, rosewood, sandlewood, chamomile, rosemary, juniper, pepperment and