This is an Asteroid that does have affect on our charts. The asteroids are named for Greek and Roman mythology goddesses.  
Pallas Athene the goddess of justice and wisdom.  She governs diplomacy, knowledge, empathy and understanding.  The
placement of this in your chart will show how you approach decisions and potential for diplomatic resolutions are.  It is
represented by the sign of Aquarius and the planets Mercury and Uranus.  

Pallas Athena mental wisdom and original perception without emotional connection. It represents wisdom, the arts,
intelligence and other professional accomplishments.

Realm - wisdom

Areas of responsibility

  • Knowledge
  • Justice
  • Understanding

Sun Sign        Your approach to decision making

Aries                taking the lead
Taurus              building consensus        
Gemini              forging communication
Cancer             listening closely
Leo                  creating coalitions
Virgo                organizing the idea
Libra                weighing the issues
Scorpio            seizing control
Sagittarius       forging ahead
Capricorn         managing cautiously
Aquarius           coming from right field
Pisces              from the heart

3/14/2010 Pallas  retrograde at 23 Scorpio - 6/24/2010 Pallas direct at 4 Scorpio

10/7/2010 Pallas moves to Sagittarius - 12/20/2010 Pallas moves to Capricorn

3/10/2011 Pallas moves to Aquarius - 5/31/2011 Pallas retrograde 15 Aquarius
8/24/2011 Pallas  into Capricorn - 9/23/2011 Pallas direct 27 Capricorn

10/26/2011 Pallas into Aquarius

2/12/2012 Pallas moves to Pisces - 5/17/2012 Pallas moves to Aries

7/30/2012 Pallas retrograde at 11 Aries  - 10/3/2012 Pallas into Pisces
11/20/2012 Pallas direct at 22 Pisces           

1/10/2013 Pallas Moves to Aries  - 3/30/2013 Pallas moves to Taurus

5/28/2013 Pallas moves to Gemini  - 7/21/2013 Pallas moves to Cancer

9/22/2013 Pallas moves to Leo  - 11/9/2013 Pallas moves to Virgo

1/6/2014 Pallas retrogrades 13 Virgo - 3/5/2014 Pallas  into Leo again
4/8/2014 Pallas moves direct at 24 Leo - 5/16/2014 Pallas moves  to Virgo